Shape D11

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Shape D11

Doors adorned with a strip of six more robust trapezoidal grooves.

Specification: MDF 22 mm

The shape is similar to the decorative panel P11.
The D11 shape is produced in all foils except for the gloss group.
Overview of production variants: see EXECUTION AND OPTIONS
Displayed decor: 9-44 blue ULTRA


Uni colours

As the name suggests, this Trendy line comprises modern decor foils. Fashion is changing all the time, and that is why this product line changes frequently: many foils come and go in an instant and are replaced with the latest items that dominate the furniture industry.


High gloss foils have been booming the past couple of seasons, however, matte designs are the dark horse which is just kicking off. We are sure that the current modest size of this group will grow in a very short time…

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