Shape 55

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Shape 55

Shapes 55 and 56 with an eccentric upper wave
are mirror-symmetric twins, so they look best together.

Shape 55 is available in all foils except gloss and matte groups.
This shape cannot be patinated.
Displayed decor: 540 matte alder
Note: This decor is not currently available in the foil selection.


Uni colours

As the name suggests, this Trendy line comprises modern decor foils. Fashion is changing all the time, and that is why this product line changes frequently: many foils come and go in an instant and are replaced with the latest items that dominate the furniture industry.

Gloss – additional surface finish

Some woodgrain decors can be additionally refined by varnishing them. The varnish finish of woodgrain decors is very interesting, the color and structure of natural decors gains intensity and depth. The result is truly extraordinary.

Back sides

Options and design

Glass 6 mm

Glass 6 mm

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