T.nature solid wood furniture doors

Wooden doors are the last stone into the mosaic of our comprehensive range. The T.nature door range combines cutting-edge workmanship and design inspired by tradition.

Wooden furniture doors will delight lovers of natural materials. Whether you are furnishing a wooden kitchen in a rustic style,or a cozy living room, you will find a solution with us. The front face of our wooden doors is milled. The edges are beveled, and the corners are rounded. The visible side is roughed up and the finished product is treated with lacquer. You can currently choose from spruce and oak variants. If you are searching for a door that allows you to combine wooden decors with UNI colors or glass, then take a look at our composite doors.


Kitchen with T.wood door

Solid spruce doors

We construct T.nature spruce doors as a spruce-board sandwich. We place the middle layer perpendicular to the outer layer, thereby supporting the resistance of the construction to possible deformation. So you can enjoy the typical, distinctive texture of spruce throughout the lifespan of our doors.

T.wood door

Doors in an oak overcoat

If we exclude exotic species of wood, we probably agree that oak is the king of furniture. It is firm, solid, with an interesting structure and pleasant colors. It is no surprise then that we have chosen it as another material for the production of our T.nature wooden doors.

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