T.lacq lacquered furniture doors

Our lacquered doors have a surface that is as smooth as a mirror. Even with more uneven milling, our lacquered surfaces are perfectly uniform. Carry them away with you and modify your interior to perfection.

Choose your lacquered doors from a wide range of milled shapes and colors. Choose from 200 RAL color shades for gloss and matt finishes – including the latest in durable super-matt nano-coatings.

Lacquered door decors


Lacquer – gloss


Lacquer – matt

Deep matt G5

Lacquer – matt 5G

Nano lacquer

Lacquer – nano-coating 5G

Lacquered doors with patination


A complete overview of the shapes and decors of T.lacq

Kitchen with door T.lacq

Fall for the magic of lacquer

The quality of our lacquering is absolutely uncompromising. Over the years, we have perfected a very sophisticated process, during which four (matt) or six (gloss) layers of 200–220 g/m2 of lacquer are applied to the door.

We keep up with the latest trends in the form of super-matt lacquers. An almost miraculous variant is a door with a nano-coating in matt G5. Such a surface can be easily repaired using a nano-sponge or an ordinary iron. Within a few seconds the surface of the door will be perfectly smooth again.

T.lacq door detail

Lacquered doors for kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms

Due to their moisture resistance, lacquered doors are ideal for bathrooms . But not only there. They can also imprint the face of designer kitchen s and living rooms without problems. Lacquered doors also look very nice with patination. Patinated lacquered doors are perfectly suited to rustic or historical interiors.

In addition, if you like authentic surfaces with materials that have a rawer feel, then maybe you would prefer solid wood or composite doors.


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