Decorative panels & doors

Surface-milled panels in foil or varnish as a distinctive design element of modern interiors.

Lacquered or foiled cladding panels are a distinctive decorative element of modern interiors, in this case not only private, but often commercial or public.


Decorative panels can be foiled or painted. We produce them up to dimensions of approx. 1.2 × 2.5 m, if you are interested in a larger format, we will ensure continuity of milled motifs in the assembly of subsequent panels.


Decorative panels & doors

Panels and doors

Although we are talking about decorative panels, they can of course also be used as classic furniture doors. In addition, in several cases we have prepared also standard door shapes, on which the decorative motif is milled into only part of the front surface.

Decorative panels & doors

Foil or paint

The foiled design of decorative panels and doors offers the possibility to use all foils from our offer except the GLOSS group.
In the case of lacquered variants, all matte lacquers (matte, supermatt G5 and nanolacquer G5) in the colors of the RAL and NCS sample books can be used, so there are more than 2,000 color shades to choose from.

Decorative panels & doors

Special design

In addition to ordinary varnish or foil, we can offer panels made of colored MDF boards treated with varnish, surface modified by scratching and, last but not least, foil panels or doors can be patinated.
Special materials and finishes increase the variability and underline the unique appearance of decorative panels and doors.


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