Trachea furniture doors

In a room where you spend a lot of time, you should feel good. Choose furniture doors that will help you to express the appearance of any interior you are currently furnishing. Whether it is a kitchen, bathroom, study or hallway.


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Doors according to your imagination

Brilliant gloss and deep matt. Raw wood, perfect imitation and the endless possibilities of decorative print. Choose from our extensive range.

Cutting-edge components

We carefully select the suppliers of all of our components. Quality materials are the basis on which we build.

Unique production technology

We have mastered all of our production processes to the smallest detail and are constantly innovating. We fulfill even the most demanding requests.

Attentive customer care

We consider any design or functionality requirement. Contact us and we will iron out the details together.


Bedroom in acrylic

The magic of quality doors

It is called a “door”, but how it works, how it looks, and how long it lasts has a profound effect on your feel of the whole interior. You constantly see it. You touch and rely on it every day. We are well aware of this, and for 25 years we have been dedicated to making your experience of the interior as good as possible. Whether you are choosing a door for a kitchen, living room, office or you are furnishing a hallway, Trachea doors place the whole experience of our company into your hands. The combination of cutting-edge materials with years of careful development. Choose a door that sets the bar in the field of furniture doors with its quality and workmanship.

Detail of Al handle negative angle, T.acrylic sand gray

More than 100 shapes of doors

We currently offer doors in six different product lines, from complete classics to those that follow the latest trends. Trachea doors are offered with over 100 types of milling shapes, with more than 150 decors to choose from. We also haven’t forgotten about complementary accessories , which is a seemingly inconspicuous part of our offer, but always proves to be important during the implementation of an interior.

Lovers of traditional materials will certainly appreciate our solid wood doors, or the greater design variability of our composite doors. If you are attracted by the latest technologies, then our Extra & Deluxe, range proves that modern design and high durability can go hand in hand. Our lacquered doors offer you a perfectly smooth surface and a varied palette of shades, including a durable super-matt nano-coating. You will certainly appreciate the durability, trendy design and color fastness of our acrylic doors.

Our more affordable foil doors , with which we have the richest experience, and whose level is currently higher than ever before, will provide you with an intense design experience.


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