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There is no room for compromise in an oasis of peace and relaxation. Furnish the most comfortable space in your bathroom, where you want to stay as long as possible.


Open a door to your world of peace

Whether you are designing your bathroom from scratch or you just need to fine-tune your existing interior, you can find a solution with us. Brave visual experiments, traditional variations and modern trends – all these design shades are reflected in our range of doors and supplementary product series.

An option for demanding customers is the doors of our Extra & Deluxe series, which, in addition to perfect glass imitation and velvet matte, will excite you with their extreme durability even in heavy operation. Our Overface decorative print with endless graphic options fulfils the whims of your imagination. Our T.segment segmented doors will then be perfectly applied in more rustic interiors.


Furniture doors and water element

The bathroom area always faces significant environmental influences in the form of moisture and variable temperature. For example, our acrylic doors are perfectly prepared for this challenge. Due to the nature of their construction, they are “closed” on all sides and, therefore, they are perfectly resistant to environmental influences. In addition, they are colourfast and scratch resistant. Moreover, minor damage can easily be repaired within minutes.

Our perfectly smooth lacquered door also fits perfectly into a bathroom. They can be reliably matched to a specific interior, as you can choose the exact colour shade according to the worldwide RAL colour chart. There are a total of 200 colour shades to choose from, in gloss and matte surface finishes, including a durable nano-lacquer with a matte depth of 5G.


Which doors can you choose from?


Gallery of bathrooms with Trachea doors


T.classic 9-11 ULTRAULTRA - T.classic - Foiled doorsULTRA - T.classic - Foiled doors T.classic - Foiled doors T.Acrylic A01MT.acrylic A115MT.acrylic A14T.acrylic A12MT.acrylic A21M, A36M / AE33T.Acrylic A39 / AE43, AE44


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