T.segment assemblede furniture doors

T.segment assemblede furniture doors are unique on our market. They shift the design possibilities of furniture doors into new areas and create space for creative interior solutions.

Assemblede doors are ideal for those who want the look of a solid wood door, but at the same time are attracted by bolder design variations. Thanks to modern materials and technologies we can offer you a door that combines a retro design with excellent utility properties. T.segment doors they can be created in three or five parts. Considerable variability is provided by T.segment doors and the range of materials used (LTD, edges, glass). Their wide design options predetermine composite doors for use in various types of interiors including bathrooms or rustic kitchens.


Kitchen with composite doors

Wooden decors

Nowadays, the laminate used for the production of assemblede doors is, like foil , a very realistic imitation. In addition, it is a durable material, which thanks to the wooden decor hides any scratches..

Our assemblede doors also boast an appealing phenomenon in the form of a “lost joint”, an unnoticeable transition between the board and the edge. This effect is achieved thanks to a perfectly-mastered process of gluing ABS edges using PUR technology.


Composite doors – detail

UNI colors

You can choose from a variety of carefully selected shades. Assemblede doors are provided with an edge identical to the decor of the door as standard. But why not provide a dark door with a light edge or frame the wooden decor with UNI colors? Contrasting edges open up new space for design.

Gallery with T.segment products

Assemblede overview of T.segment shapes and decors


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