Shape XE32

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Shape XE32

E32 in brushed stainless steel finish.
For classic opening door is recommended to keep the gap between the body and door 2 mm on the left and right side. We also recommend to use Blum hinges with opening angle of 100 or 110 degrees for loaded and loaded door Following these two recommendations there is a problem with opening. For the control of the body and doors we recommend using the damping lenses Häfele can be found here.



DTD 16mm carrier material.
Front and rear Fenix tl. 0.9 mm.
Total force 18 mm.

Options and design

Cut handles from aluminum profiles


FENIXX - edges

HRX032 matte white

HRX035 ivory matt

HRX038 matte black

HRX040 matte grey

HRX174 matte beige

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