Shape A3c

T.acrylic - Acrylic doors  – Milled shapes

Shape A3c

Milled ripples in the material T.acrylic


Options and design

T.acrylic shiny edges

HRA01 white gloss

HRA02 ivory gloss

HRA06 red

HRA08 black metallic

HRA115 ash grey

HRA12 black

HRA13 caffe

HRA14 cappuccino

HRA20 green olives

HRA21 sand grey

HRA25 grey metallic

HRA35 chocolate

HRA41 cappuccino metallic

HRA45 grey silk

HRA60 grey

HRA67 royal grey

HRAA6 grey London

T.acrylic shiny 3D edge

T.acrylic dull edges

HRA01M matte white

HRA02M matte jasmine

HRA12M matte black

HRA14M matte cappuccino

HRA21M matte sand grey

HRA36M matte eggplant

HRA60M matte grey

HRA67M royal grey matt

HRA88M matte yellow

HRA89M matte lagoon

HRA96M matte khaki

HRA115M matte ash grey

HRA121M matte dark grey

HRA122M matte lights grey

HRAA6M matte grey London

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