Provence kitchen doors

Imagine having breakfast in the French countryside. A relaxed atmosphere permeates your cozy kitchen and breathes a feeling of something unique and familiar from every piece of furniture. Our hand-patinated doors will provide you with this experience every day.

Provence kitchen doors

Bright shades and honest manual work

The journey to the atmosphere of the sunny Mediterranean coast begins with foil or lacquered doors with light, bright shades. Subsequent hand-patination creates a door with a completely original appearance, which evokes a sense of harmony and a cozy environment.

The authentic original design of our patinated doors attracts customers who like the “vintage-look” but also appreciate the modern comfort and functionality of kitchen furniture. In addition to the Provence patina, Scandia or Rustikal patina are also popular, and can be used in rustic kitchens or in modern interiors.

Provence kitchen doors

Provence patina for foil and lacquer

Tinted Provence patina gently emphasizes the milling process and the natural structure of selected decors of our foil doors. A similar effect using patination is also achieved in the case of the suitable decors of lacquered doors. The result is an authentic look of furniture proven through time and use.

We use patina to decorate not only our doors, but also our complementary accessories , which include listels, cornices and ramps. Original complementary elements thereby become an organic part of the whole and, besides the design function, also play an aesthetic role.


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