Modern kitchen doors

Airiness and elegance flirting with timelessness. This sums up the character of modern kitchens in a nutshell. In the field of modern kitchen design, you do not have to hold back. Our range of doors will open up wide to all of your wishes.

Freedom, practicality and luxury

Freedom, practicality and luxury

In the range of Trachea products you will find a wide range of doors, surfaces and decors, which will meet your idea of a practical kitchen with an emphasis on modern design.

Doors from the Extra & Deluxe range are ready to meet the most demanding of design requirements. The almost unbreakable imitation glass of GLAKS doors is complemented by the deep matt of FENIX doors with a velvet surface. If you like bold design alternatives, then take a look at our section of designer kitchen doors .

High gloss, deep matt and faithful imitation

High gloss, deep matt and faithful imitation

A wide choice of decors can be found in our range of foil doors . Whether it is traditional UNI colors, a rich range of shades of gray or faithful imitation concrete, with Trachea doors you will choose only from the best quality foils.

A perfect surface, high resistance or extremely stable color. These are the attributes that earmark our acrylic doors for use in modern interiors. Even when exposed to strong UV light, they retain their original color. Currently, you can choose from up to 40 different decors in gloss and the increasingly popular deep matt.


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