Internal Reporting System (Whistleblowing)

In accordance with Act No. 171/2023 Coll., on the Protection of Whistleblowers (hereinafter referred to as the „Act“), Trachea a.s. has implemented an internal reporting system intended for individuals who, in connection with their work or other similar activities, have become aware of possible unlawful conduct that violates a legal provision falling within the scope defined by the Act.

A person who has reasonable grounds to believe that the reported information about a violation was truthful at the time of reporting and that this information fell within the scope of the Act and who submits a report in accordance with the Act through the internal or external reporting system will be provided protection under the Act. This protection includes, for example, a prohibition on taking retaliatory measures against the whistleblower and other natural and legal persons (such as colleagues, helpers of the whistleblower, individuals close to the whistleblower, etc.). However, protection does not apply to a person who makes a report without reasonable grounds to believe it is based on truthful information (knowingly false reporting). Furthermore, confidentiality regarding the identity of the whistleblower (or other affected persons) and the information provided in the report will be ensured.


Trachea a.s. accepts reports only from whistleblowers who perform work or other similar activities for the company, including:

a. dependent work performed in a basic employment relationship,
b. voluntary activities,
c. professional practice, internships, including applying for such work.
Accepting reports from persons other than those mentioned above is excluded.


According to the Act, reporting can only be made in relation to actions that:

• constitute a criminal offense,
• have the characteristics of an offense for which the law establishes a fine with an upper limit of at least CZK 100,000,
• violate the Act, or
• violate another legal regulation or European Union regulation in the areas of: financial services, mandatory auditing and other verification services, financial products and financial markets, corporate income tax, prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing, consumer protection, compliance with product requirements including their safety, transportation safety, road transportation, environmental protection, food and feed safety, and animal protection and health, radiation protection and nuclear safety, economic competition, public auctions, and public procurement, internal order and security, life and health, personal data protection, privacy and security of electronic communication networks and information systems, protection of the financial interests of the European Union, or the functioning of the internal market, including competition and state aid protection under European Union law.


Sample report: Whistleblowing (15 kB)

Information for whistleblowers: Information (17 kB)


Reports can be submitted through the following means:

By email to In writing, by sending it to the address: Trachea a.s., Adam Bartošek, Tovární 1209, 769 01 Holešov. Please mark the envelope as „DO NOT OPEN – exclusively for the specified recipient.“ By phone (verbally) at tel. +420 724 827 836. By placing it in the designated mailbox located in the daily room of Trachea a.s.
The designated individual for receiving and handling reports is Adam Bartošek, and his contact details are provided above.