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You can look through the FAQ of our customers in the Trachea advice section, or you can ask us about anything you are interested in.

You can look through the FAQ of our customers in the Trachea advice section, or you can ask us about anything you are interested in.

Are you wondering how to best care for the surfaces of Trachea doors? Take a look at our maintenance instructions and take proper care of them.


I'm considering a kitchen renovation. Is it possible to replace only the old door with a new one?

Yes, this is a very simple procedure, which is based only on the correct orientation of the existing door and hinge openings. If you are handy, you can take measurements of the doors or contact a carpenter in your area. Then it's up to you which product line and decor you choose.

What guarantee do you provide for your products?

We provide a 7-year warranty on our foil doors, which covers all hidden defects. For our acrylic doors 5 years. We provide a standard 2-year warranty for the other assortment.

I was interested in the possibility of decorative printing. Where can I have the design processed?

Our graphic designers will be happy to consult your idea with you and we will prepare a design. If you already have a clear idea or a draft, just send it to us. We will take care of everything else.

Do you really make any size doors?

Thanks to our machinery, we are able to produce 99% of the dimensions of doors that occur in kitchens. The production of various atypes is one of our strengths and we will be happy to accommodate you.

What does the hologram on the back of your doors mean?

The hologram on the back proves that the purchased doors are really ours, had passed all tests and meet our high quality standards. We are proud of our doors and the hologram is a hallmark of their quality.

Can I use any cleaner on your door?

Our doors are made of different materials and each material has its own specifics. In order for the door to last as long as possible, we recommend that you read the maintenance instructions, which can be found in the Service-Maintenance instructions section

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