A01 - white gloss

T.acrylic - high gloss - A01 - white gloss

Edge color

T.acrylic - high gloss - A01 - white gloss - Edge color
HRA01 white gloss

3D edge

T.acrylic - high gloss - A01 - white gloss - 3D edge
HRH29D white gloss

Basic information

Dekor "White Gloss" is the touchstone to test the quality relentlessly. If we follow a perfectly smooth surface with absolutely clean shine, we must note that in this T.acrylic decor passed with flying colors. The decor may be additionally - one of the few - added "3D edge" and is particularly suitable for "decorative print Overface".
The decor of the newly supplied with NOVA shinier rear side than ever before. This back side is also provided with foil and recognize it as a hologram.
The original Edge + 3D ABS edge = 23x1 mm.
Dekor, we also like the glossy finish on both sides T.acrylic DOUBLE - A01D white sheen that is on order.

T-acrylic milled

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T.acrylic thickness of 38 mm
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