Glass has always had a special place in the interior. Thanks to our experienced graphic designers, your kitchen can easily become the central design point of your home. The glass tiles sensitively tinted with Overface technology underline the airiness and purity of the design of every kitchen area. Our T.board facing panel, the strengths of which include extremely easy workability, durability, and the authentic look of natural motifs, can be used as an alternative.


Tempered glass with all-surface spraying of quality paints with UV stability. The standard range includes twenty colours based on the standard RAL colour chart, other shades can be prepared as agreed individually.


Tempered transparent glass with a local application of the Overface print.


Tempered glass provided with the application of any graphic motif, in the form of Overface decorative print and its all-surface combination with T.CristalColor spraying.

Motif range for T.Cristal – Motif and Decor

Motif range of the Adobe Stock photobank




Modern sandwich board with T.overface decorative print. The high-quality composite material is a combination of two aluminium layers of a thickness of 0.21 mm on a polyethylene core. Thanks to this design, the board is light but, at the same time, firm and durable. It can be modified with common tools.

Motif range for T.board

Motif range of the Adobe Stock photobank




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