Shape H32

Strips - Shape H32

Basic information

The old adage says that perfection lies in the details and strips might serve as his illustrations. It is an element whose presence you usually do not realize, but the practical and aesthetic is irreplaceable.

No patinated strips are offered in four versions so that they can be assigned to any of the deeply milled shapes our door.

This shape is also suitable for style patinated strips Scandia and Rustikal.

Listel shape H32

Back sides

116 - white014 - grey017 - grafit090 - vanilla119 - white cream354 - rustic oak381K - bavarian beech455 - plum457 - calvados509F - aluminium517 - sonoma oak529 - Canyon oak548 - Pino Aurelio560 - Pireo walnut685 - alder1478 - brown avola1715 - snowy beech8508 - north wood white